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Mindful Meditation Challenge

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Meditation involves the process of altering your mind to focus, and build upon your awareness. The practice and popularity of meditation continues to increase, as more people discover the science-based benefits. Most importantly, the convenience of meditation makes it such an accessible tool. Whether you're sitting, or lying down it can be done without the use of any tangible items. All you need is time, space and effort. Meditation comes in many forms, however, my personal favorite is Mindfulness Meditation. I appreciate mindfulness meditation because for me, it helps lower my heart rate whenever I get anxious, reduces stress and promotes better sleep. In mindfulness meditation, you focus on "the now" as a means to calm down and acknowledge your current state of being. Racing thoughts, emotions and physical sensations are expected during mindful meditation, and your only job is to observe and make note of what's happening. Self awareness is so important when meditating, because it allows you to understand what is happening and clearly articulate your experience.

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation:

  1. Find a quiet, comfortable space to either sit or lie down

  2. Dim or completely turn off any lights to create a relaxed ambiance (optional)

  3. Pay close attention to your breathing, making sure that you slowly inhale through the nose (lungs should expand), and slowly exhale through my mouth

  4. Focus on your thoughts (whatever comes to mind, let it be)

  5. After meditating, journaling is a great way to reflect on your thoughts

Things to remember:

- Take your time, don't rush the practice of meditating

- If needed, take a break and pick up where you left off (or start over)

- Appreciate the moment!

Today, I challenge you to give mindfulness meditation a try.

Happy meditating,


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